Keep Pests and Wildlife Out of Your Home

Tips for Keeping Wildlife and Pests Out of Your Home

There’s a pretty good chance that you have had issues with common household pests like roaches, ants, fleas, and maybe even rats. There’s even the possibility that you have had raccoons or squirrels decide to make a home in your home. Most of the time dealing with pests is a part of living in the south, especially in the Tampa Bay, Florida.

With our hot, humid weather almost year round, they can cause quite an inconvenience, especially when they try to enter your home. And once they are in, they can be destructive while exposing your family potentially to different viruses and diseases.

So, if you can’t cope with the pests, or if you need to get rid of raccoons or other wildlife, then the best thing is to find ways to keep them out and from gaining entry to your home. Here are some simple tips that can help you be successful.

Remove all possible habitats

If your home has any places where the pests can find food, water, and shelter, they will stay there. So, you first need to keep all the debris away from your home, which can be the shelter for the pests. Along with that, keep the garbage bin away from home, clean out the gutters regularly, and also clean up the piles of rock, dirt, and leaves.

Clean the kitchen properly

Every day set aside at least 15 minutes of time to wipe down the kitchen counter tops with vinegar. Then sweep the floor, put away food items, mop up the spills, put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, and empty the garbage. On the grocery day, transfer all the dry food items from the plastic bags to tightly sealed glass jars or bins.

Seal up the home

To keep the pests away from your home, it is necessary to keep the pests from being able to get inside. You can only do it by sealing up your home properly. To do this, first, you need to inspect your home thoroughly for all the weak spots from where the pests can enter like a torn screen, electrical openings, and crawl spaces. So, seal and cover up these holes, caulk, and also confirm that the covers for the crawl spaces are nice and tight.

Install the door sweep

This is another effective tool, which can prevent the pests from entering your home. A door sweep mainly blocks the gap between the ground and the bottom part of your entrance door. This is widely available in the hardware stores and is also a super-easy fix, no drilling required.

Pay thorough attention to the door or window frames, and seal around the places where the pipes leave or enter your home, places around the external dryer vent, and the places where cable or TV wires come inside. Either cover these holes with wire mesh or stuff some steel wool into the larger holes before you seal them up.

Contact a professional pest control company

This is the final step that you can take. In case you are unable to keep pests away from your home with the above-mentioned methods, or need raccoon removal, then it is a wise decision to call the professionals. They will have the necessary experience and knowledge to protect your home while keeping harmful pests away.